Simulate, manage and control your assortments in a single tool in a collaborative way!

A SaaS software that allows…

Reinforced real-time collaboration between departments

Data reliability and information securing in real time

Accelerating the deployment of assortments and innovations at the point of sale

Simulation of the impact of assortment plans on volume and turnover

Tracking and analysis of the theoretical and actual distribution

Unique Features!

Simulate assortment plans
  • Simulation sell in / sell out in volume / value
  • Creation of different simulation scenarios (visualized in the form of graphics)
  • Application of simulation scenarios to listing data
Manage product assortments
  • Article base
    • Article database management (create, modify, read, delete - user-assignable rights)
    • Detailed and customizable article sheet (price, packaging, specificities, EAN coding...)
    • Automation of article EAN changes
    • Prioritization by circuits and/or retailers
    • Article life cycle management (publication, status...)
  • Activation of the referencing
    • Referencing data common to all users
    • Management of listing data by brand and period
    • Maintaining article procurement dates per warehouse
  • Store level management
    • Sharing of data and agreements in sales force tools (CRM, SFA...)
  • Monitor activity in real time
    • Alerts and notifications (creation of an innovation, change of referencing...)
    • List of available reports
    - Compilation of retailers
    - Evolution & category differences
    - ND & WD channels
    - Teaching Stratum Summary
    - Actual vs. negotiated broadcasting
    - Evolution of agreements
    - Evolution ND/WD
    - Evolution of flashes
  • Dashboard with KPI's accessible on the home page

Facilitate internal collaboration

Visuel Collaboration Assort

Take advantage of the real data convergence

Accessing and data handling happen in real-time, whether data be captured, imported or coming from panellists, sales force tools or invoice & information system software tools. eCOS® Assort becomes the consolidated data framework.
Profitez d’une vraie convergence des datas

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