Storage spaces for our customers

Externis Proxy® is a secure network of storage spaces, spread throughout the prefectures and sub-prefectures of France, in easy-access locations.
This storage network counts more than 200 partners, with each provider having a separate contract binding it to Externis Proxy®. This local proximity enables partners to offer services suited to customers' needs.

Services adapted to the needs

Different sizes secure storage spaces are available for rent, based on needs, the accessibility, the type and value of the goods stored.

  • Access package: The customer accesses to a monitored, secure, but not locked, storage space.
  • Large, dedicated floor space
  • Storage spaces typically located within 20 km from the sales forces team's home
  • Ancillary services: provision of handling equipment and/or parking spaces
  • Spaces accessible Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm

  • Premium package: The customer accesses to a monitored, secure, locked storage space, accessible to ancillary services, six days a week.
  • Storage spaces are located within 20 km from the sales forces team's home (less than a 30-minute drive in Paris and its suburbs)
  • Storage spaces lock via a code and/or padlock
  • Sales forces are notified via SMS, in real-time, when parcels and pallets are delivered
  • Provision of parking spaces
  • Completely secure access
  • Access to handling equipment

Customized packages

A customized package may be offered, on the basis of precise specifications:

  • Type of goods stored: advertising/promotional materials, office suppliers, product inventory, perishables, etc.
  • Volume of goods stored
  • Value of goods stored: security level to be defined
  • Accessibility

Selection of additional options available:

  • Inventory management
  • Possibility for sales teams to track the inventory of products stored, in real-time, via a web interface
  • Order preparation using the merchandise stored
  • Goods destruction that complies with sustainability standards
  • Physical stock-taking
  • All types of local actions (on request)

All of this information is analysed before a customized package and price quote are offered to the customer.

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