CIO, driving digital transformation

Between the explosion of big data and the increasing complexity of retail markets, the issue of information governance is at the heart of companies undergoing a major digital transformation. As a CIO, you need to adopt the best strategy to communicate effectively with your employees. But if today, building a digital culture is essential, even urgent, how do you choose the right optimization tools for your organization?

Digital transformation: the challenge of the new CIO

Information is retrieved, stored, distributed, must flow quickly and be in the right place when it is needed. Controlling data, these free electrons that travel non-stop between each other, is the objective of the Chief information officer.

At your strategic level, it's no longer just about pure IT. This job, originally a technical one, is now in the Innovation Department. With the emergence of new technologies, market segmentation and customer demands, you, as CIO, are becoming the guarantor of the success of the digital transformation. In other words, you need to empower all stakeholders, both internal and external, to be able to share what needs to be shared, in real time… The idea is to simplify the work to refocus on your core business.

At headquarters and in the field, industry cannot afford to multiply intermediaries, nor to generate blockages. Distance, volumes and fragmentation of services should no longer be a problem. Today, there are a host of possibilities for overcoming these difficulties.

So what's the choice between Excel files, clouds and CRM? How can you improve the performance of your sales departments and category management teams?

As a CIO, your role is to put in place the optimization tools necessary for the proper functioning of the information system. The more these tools are automated and adapted to the company's organization, the more employees will adopt this new digital culture.

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eCOS® Blue Eagle, the information management tool for the retail and pharmaceutical industries!

You are CIO and want to pilot the digital transformation of your company. Whatever its size and structure, it will have to be aligned with your business strategy. It is therefore in your best interest to find the right tool for the long term.

With its complete solution, Externis can support you in your large-scale project.

eCOS® Blue Eagle is a 100% SaaS software suite for the retail industry. Its intelligent interface allows managers, field teams and service providers to communicate on a single portal. Its objective: to optimize the flow of information in order to collaborate effectively between all business lines. From assortment management to sales execution, this all-in-one management tool is at the service of your digital transformation.

This suite is composed of two softwares:

logo Blue Eagle SALESeCOS® Sales, for the optimization and management of your sales execution with:

planification optimiséeoptimized planning, intelligent support and live data recording during customer visits

analyse automatisées des relevésan automated analysis of customer visit statements, delivering a progressive score per point of sale and detailed recommendations

prise de commande en ligneonline order taking for materials and services for point-of-sale sales execution

animations commerciales efficacescommunication of results through customizable indicators and effective sales promotions

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logo Blue Eagle ASSORTeCOS® Assort, for the management of assortments and the referencing of your products, with:

comparaison fiable et rapide entre vos données théoriques et terraina quick and reliable comparison between your theoretical and field data, a gap analysis in volume and turnover, with real-time reporting

plan d'actions réactif et performanta reactive and efficient action plan

tableau de bord personnalisé et accessiblea personalized and accessible dashboard

déploiement accéléré des assortiments en points de ventean accelerated deployment of assortments in points of sale

meilleure collaboration de vos équipes d’activation produit et commercialea better collaboration between your product and sales activation teams

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In a few figures, eCOS® Blue Eagle will enable you to:

reduce warehouse supply management disruption rates by a factor of three
save management teams 30% in time
remove 80% of Excel files
halve the number of emails
In summary eCOS® Blue Eagle is the CIO’s partner in its digital transformation project to give the organization a competitive edge.

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