Julien Chesneau advises you on your POS performance

Julien Chesneau, Deputy General Manager d'Externis Group

Julien Chesneau, Deputy General Manager of Externis Group

  • More than 10 years of experience in marketing, sales management, key account management, in FMCG companies
  • Partner for 8 years, Julien ensures the executive management of the company
  • Speaker during several events of the industry

4 levels of study

Commercial organization

A commercial organization study on your field teams’ missions and goals, as well as on the HQ teams’ organization and exchanges is being done.

Retail execution process

Time for an in-depth audit of your POS execution processes:

  • analysis of your organization’s functioning,
  • measurement of your Trade Promotion tools’ efficiency (POSM, animation, merchandising…)
  • study of information flows between HQ and sales force,
  • highlight of the improvements and potential earnings that can be generated.

Restitution & Recommendations

Following this audit alongside teams, on various topics, a restitution showing the analysis and recommendations is done. Our experts will guide and support you throughout the implementation of the tools and actions prescribed.


A few months after the implementation of the recommended solutions, a field study will be carried out by our experts.

The purpose? To analyze the performance observed in the field: our experts will measure the impact of the solutions implemented on the POS commercial execution performance and will submit readjustments if needed.

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