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Sales display enhancement

Implementation at the point-of-sale

How to successfully conduct your in-store activities of sales demonstrators ?

In retail, sales promotion has become the spearhead to boost turnover of your stores. Nonetheless, while its advantages are plentiful, excelling in the intricate management of your assortments is necessary as it is challenging for manufacturers during strategic implementation.

You need to be able to keep up with changing consumption patterns and deploy the right sales techniques to provide customers with the experience and assortment that will drive them to buy.

What are the best methods and optimized tools to launch your marketing campaigns and increase the visibility of your products? How to define an effective merchandising plan and implement a simple and efficient point-of-sale display?

How to define an effective merchandising plan and implement simple and efficient in-store activities for sales demonstrators

For the retail industry, competition is tough, and the economic context leaves no room for error. Between suppliers’ negotiations and price cuts, it becomes difficult to maintain turnover without the force of in-store activities of sales demonstrators. But if this marketing operation is a strategic course, to excel in the field, your company must be able to answer the questions of why:

  • To stand out from the competition?
  • Promote a product?
  • Generate traffic at the point of sale?
  • Build customer loyalty?
  • Dynamize the company's image?
  • Encourage impulse buying?

...And of how: budget, field implementation, availability of sales representatives and products are as many considerations as potential future logistics problems. It is necessary to make assortment management as easy as possible between all the teams. To do this, having a complete tool on hand and allowing optimal communication between internal and external collaborators is essential.

The merchandising strategy must be effective in order to motivate your teams and make your point-of-sale promotions successful. Ideally, you need to be able to follow the consumer in the shelves and understand his buying decision, in order to best arrange his merchandising plan.

eCOS® Sales, the solution for your in-store activities for sales demonstrators

eCOS® Sales is the innovative management tool to handle your point-of-sale demonstrators. This all-in-one SaaS software, guarantees reliable, secure and manipulable data from your PC, tablet or smartphone, all in real time.

The first modular business softwares suites, created for the retail industry, eCOS® Sales allows autonomy in terms of commercial management in the field. It connects all your teams, headquarters, field but also external service providers, in real time, to better coordinate the actions of your sales force.

Organize your point-of-sales activities of sales demonstrator: book everything you need for your commercial animation on the spot: brief staff in store, merchandising material and tools (displays, products, POS, cold furniture, goodies...) directly on the Material & Services interface of eCOS® Sales.

Promote mobile crowdsourcing to boost your marketing performance (shelf photos, field surveys and KPIs) and keep an eye on the shelves.

Easily navigate through the digital catalog on your tablet or smartphone. Order and track everything you need when you need it.

The eCOS® Sales solution is a way to efficiently deploy in-store sales execution, while providing a marketplace that functions like an e-commerce site.

With eCOS® Sales, make your employees more responsive and allow them to focus on their core business and thus increase their effective sales time, while providing a remarkable customer experience.

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