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Optimize your assortment management and boost your sales performance

eCOS® Blue Eagle, the reference software suite for retail brands

A solution dedicated to retail sales and assortment teams

eCOS® Blue Eagle is an all-in-one SaaS suite designed for brands, retailers and wholesalers. It is dedicated to the consumer goods, out-of-home and health and beauty sectors.


It is a packaged, modular solution that automates, makes reliable and optimizes all or part of your retail execution process. It is composed of two software packages:

eCOS® Assort, for assortment management

eCOS® Sales, a CRM-SFA for the sales force

This collaborative solution, equipped with the latest technologies, can be interfaced with the tools and providers of the retail market.

Blue Eagle suite solution schema

Manage your retail execution process with a 360° approach

All information is updated in real time and shared. You make data more reliable and save time by limiting unnecessary exchanges.
Connect your entire ecosystem on a single platform (service providers, customers, logistics, etc.) to increase productivity and better monitor your performance.

eCOS® Assort

Optimize your Category Management

We digitalize and optimize the management of your product families. This way, you gain in reliability and agility while refining the management of your Retail Execution.

eCOS® Sales

Facilitate and improve your sales management at the retail point

eCOS® Sales is a modular business software dedicated to the sales force. The objective: to manage the entire sales process with a single tool. Preparation of visits, point of sales visits, direct product orders, management of your distribution network, campaigns, documents, promotional means as well as the monitoring of your performance indicators, all accessible from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Stimulate your sales force with an intuitive and efficient software

An SFA to focus on customer relations

The Sales Force Automation module of eCOS® Sales is dedicated to the management of your distribution network. Follow each point of sale with precision, let yourself be guided during the visits, digitalize the documentation and order your products directly. Also benefit from a customizable dashboard to monitor your performance in real time.

A complete ordering module for more autonomy

eCOS® Sales is also a space dedicated to ordering the resources and services required to manage your point of sales promotion (POS, animation, rental, etc.)

eCOS® Blue eagle's technological advantages and benefits

To make your user experience unique, we have chosen the best technologies.

We place great importance on the ergonomics and design of our applications. And we collaborate regularly with our community of users to make our products evolve and best meet your needs.

100% SaaS and secure: Microsoft Azure

We host our solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud, known to be one of the most secure in the world.


Our in-depth knowledge of Retail Execution processes allows us to connect eCOS® with all ERP, CRM and service providers on the market (logisticians and service providers for animation, merchandising, rental, etc.).

Responsive (multi-device)

To meet the growing need for mobility, our software also works on smartphones and tablets.

On / Off line mode

In order to optimize every minute of your customer appointments, we have equipped our software with an offline mode. Thus, all the information entered in offline mode will be updated automatically as soon as the terminal is connected again.

A packaged, ultra-modular offer

The eCOS® modules allow a quick installation and configuration, whatever your needs.

UX design in accordance with the new standards

The aesthetics and ergonomics of our software have just been redesigned to make it easy to use, intuitive and in line with the latest UI/UX trends.

Regular releases

We regularly publish releases with improvements and new features so that your solutions are always more efficient and easier to use.

Who uses our solutions?

Our clients range from SMEs to large corporations
Users range from category managers to key accounts, including commercial director, national sales representative, area managers and field sales representatives, to name a few. Their trust rewards 20 years of research and innovation in the service of Retail Execution. Faced with a more complex market and increasingly demanding challenges, implementing a digitalization solution could help you meet the retail challenges of tomorrow!
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