The business solution for Sales Division Executives

How can yoy improve your sales teams' performance?

Your objectives

Developing efficient and responsive in-store execution
Optimizing management of all sales force materials and services on a single tool
Improving the way your products are brought to market
Increasing the number of visits
Eliminating spreadsheets, emails and pointless meetings
Managing and steering your teams to reach your sales and profitability objectives
Saving time in the field and at HQ
Reducing supply chain and purchasing costs
Improving information flow

Benefits provides by eCOS®

  • Competitive advantages to develop POS business
  • Reduces your product time-to-market
  • Improves your processes and make them more reliable, thereby raising your teams’ professional standards
  • Boosts eco-responsibility (up to 35% less material destruction)
  • Simplifies preparations for customers visits
  • Increases the number of visits
  • Provides up to 30% savings thanks to the way it optimizes sales force material deployment processes
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