eCOS® Sales is the first modular business software that allows retail players to manage all of the commercial execution: customer visits (preparation of visits, shelf space reading, documentation, objective tracking, field monitoring, analysis, etc.) upon the execution of trade marketing campaigns at the point of sale (in-store activities of sales demonstrators, merchandisers, etc..).


Develop your customer relationship with Sales Force Automation software for manufacturers.

To improve your performance and exceed your objectives, you need to streamline and simplify your business management. To achieve this, automate the most time-consuming tasks and support your sales force for greater comfort on a daily basis.

Customized and unique features for your sales force
The visiting route

eCOS® supports every step of your customer visits and records your data even in offline mode. It offers a real-time update of your monitoring KPI's such as the ND, the share of shelf and more...

eCOS® widgets

The eCOS® widgets Compose your tracking dashboard with more than 14 fully customizable widgets updated in real time. (Documents, campaigns, quotas, news topics...).

Near By feature

When you visit an area in your sector, geolocation offers you the most relevant visits based on the geographical proximity and the perfect store score of your points of sale.


This is one of the many convenient features of the suite. It allows to save time by automating the calculation of store’s shelves dimensions.

Score Perfect Store

Follow in real time, the evolution of the completion rate per point of sale. Prioritization and organization of the commercial activity is facilitated.

Visits memory

eCOS® is the only software on the market that allows you to access the current visits from your taskbar.


eCOS® presents you with the documents according to your current actions and your objectives.

Smart Data

eCOS® only provides you with the information that is relevant to your situation at time T.

Numeric distribution and Share of Shelves

Refer back to the evolution of the numeric distribution and the share of shelves in real-time and in offline mode.

Manage and track your business opportunities accurately and without wasting time

Having a place of choice in the retail industry is a constant challenge. To achieve this, eCOS® Sales helps you treat each customer as unique. All key performance indicators and strategic information are updated in real time. Measured by eCOS®, KPI's will automatically alert the sales force. As a result, users no longer miss business opportunities. The collection of information during the visit of the point of sale (price, facing, out-of-stock...) does not require any reprocessing thanks to the disconnected mode. Sales forces can therefore focus on customer relations and portfolio performance analysis.



Ergonomic and intuitive, the eCOS® calendar makes it easy to plan your sales force's actions and prioritize them. All points of sale in the sector are easily accessible through a search bar and are ranked according to their score perfect store.


eCOS® Sales intelligently optimizes routing. In case of a cancelled appointment, the NEAR BY feature will suggest a store linked to the commercial sector based on geographic proximity and the Perfect Store Score.

Point of sales visits

eCOS® assists the sales forces by guiding them throughout the visits

Situation at the point of sale and visit preparation

Each point of sale is the subject of a file with all information useful for the preparation of commercial visits (preferences, contacts, investments, reports of visits ...). Tracking KPIs allow you to visualize the progress of the activity and choose the right levers to activate in order to progress and achieve the set objectives.

Shelf space reading

eCOS® assists you in verifying the implantation of your products. Enter your quantities, the referencing status (present, absent, out of stock), note the prices and watch your share of shelf and your numeric distribution rate updated in real time. Also save time by helping you with practical innovations, such as the “Linéomètre”, which automatically calculates the required shelves dimensions.

Survey and Analysis

Answer the surveys put at your disposal by the head office teams to feed as much field information as possible, and then access the summary of your visits with your updated KPIs. You only have to place the appropriate actions to exceed your objectives.

Information and documents

Customize your interface with a dashboard reflecting your image

eCOS® Sales allows you to build your own dashboard with a range of configurable KPIs updated in real time. Use our 14 widgets to customize your interface and have access to all information you need to drive your business in one-click.

Give impulses to the field

Use editorials to convey messages to field teams and make commercial and technical documentation available with the DOC feature.

Capture and share information from the field

With eCOS®, sales forces can take photos, answer questionnaires or write end-of-visit reports. All this information will be shared in real time and accessible by all authorized users.

SPS ans live reporting

Numeric distribution rate, share of shelves rate and implementation quality

Updated in real-time during the store check, the numeric distribution rate, the share of shelves rate and the implementation quality allow you to refine and make the management of your activity more reliable.

Score Perfect Store

100% configurable, the eCOS® Perfect Store Score is used in the planning, the KPIs, the widgets to constantly indicate your completion rate by point of sale and help you prioritize and activate the right levers.

Investments by point of sale

Successfully manage your trade promotion with eCOS®. One-click access to the impulses of the trade marketing teams and control your budget thanks to categorized investment reports, updated in real time (POS advertising, in-store activities of sales demonstrators, merchandising, fresh furniture, etc.).

Activity reports

All your sales force and panelist data is centralized and processed by eCOS® to provide you with clear and reliable reporting. Exporting reports is just a few clicks away.

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“The software, published by Externis, is an essential lever for Nestlé's sales teams.”

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Order and follow up your POS and services with our digital catalog: Material & Services

Order your promotional means independently, without going through your sales administration. As on a classic e-commerce site, you are notified on the remaining quantities of products and you benefit from a delivery follow-up. The responsive interface can be installed directly on your smartphone / tablet. You can therefore order from the point of sale via your eCOS® interface.

Five order modules to boost your sales

Order promotional materials (display, furniture, etc.) and track your deliveries in real time.


Book your in-store activities of sales demonstrators.


Manage the reservation of in-store activities of sales merchandisers.


Manage rented or own reusable furniture (chest cooler, stands, etc.).


Keep an eye on each point of sale by ordering crowdsourcing studies.

eCOS® SALES figures


Mails and excel files sent

More installation of promotional material

Less logistics / pos costs

Time saved

Of grouping rate