Simulate, manage and control your assortments in one collaborative tool.

eCOS® Assort

Strengthen collaboration, improve reliability and save time

Centralizing data on a single platform improves reliability. Exchanges of e-mails and Excel files are reduced by more than 98% and teams have more time (up to 70%) to focus on their core business.

eCOS® Assort - Data convergence

Take advantage of a true data convergence

The consultation and manipulation of data are done in real time, whether they are entered, imported or originate from panelists, sales force tools or from your invoicing and information systems software.

eCOS® Assort becomes the repository for consolidated data.

Up to -98% of Excel files

Up to -80% of emails exchanged

Up to 80% time savings

Up to -12% out of stock

eCOS® Assort - impact of assortment plans

Simulate the impact of assortment plans on volume and sales

Creating different scenarios becomes quick and easy.

The hypotheses generated are built with panel or sell-in data, directly integrated into the platform.

A few clicks are enough for all teams to build an annual plan.

eCOS® Assort - Convergence des données

Simplify assortment management through automation

By automating the most time-consuming processes (data entry and re-entry, etc.), the data is reliable and available in real time. Thus, teams save time and can focus on analysis and action.

Automating and chaining the process also accelerates the deployment of innovations, by involving the supply and demand planning teams more.

The sales force tool is updated at the time of warehouse deliveries, making 100% of assortment-related visits reliable.

eCOS® Assort - Follow activity in real time

Follow your activity in real time

Being able to compare in real time the negotiated distribution of your products with the actual distribution obtained, allows you to refine your management and distribution levels.

It is also possible to automate the monitoring of supplies and to inform the field teams in real time.

eCOS® Assort - Reporting

Monitor your activity in real time through numerous reports

  • Compilation of retailers
  • Evolution and category differences
  • ND and WD channels
  • Teaching stratum summary
  • Actual vs. negotiated broadcasting
  • Evolution of agreements
  • Evolution ND/WD
  • Evolution of flashes
Marine Joncour, Responsable de Développement Enseigne chez BEL

« Thanks to eCOS® Assort, I have saved 80% of the time I spend on data processing in favor of customer relations »

Marine Joncour,
Brand Development Manager at BEL
Bel - for all for good
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