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For more than 20 years, Externis has been helping the largest retail manufacturers to improve their operational performance and commercial efficiency.

Julien Chesneau Managing Director Externis
« Today's market is complex and fragmented, with well-informed, demanding and dispersed consumers. »

Julien Chesneau - Managing Director Externis

Julien Chesneau
Managing Director Externis

Rapid adaptation is therefore a significant asset for retail manufacturers.

  • How can I improve my sales rounds?
  • How can I have a more agile sales force?
  • How can I make my customer visits more efficient?
  • How can I measure the effectiveness of my trade marketing campaigns?

So many subjects on which the SaaS software from Externis provides solutions.

Our consultants are convinced that industry players need to be increasingly agile in order to be able to adapt quickly to the changing competitive environment.

With this in mind, we have developed the eCOS® Blue Eagle software suite, the digital partner for industry players in all distribution channels.

Digital transformation therefore requires not only the use of tools, but also a solid analysis of your performance at the point of sale.

Here we present our general project management methodology. This methodology is of course adapted to each type of customer.

As a publisher of SaaS solutions, the solutions proposed at the end of the mission are intended to be implemented and monitored. We accompany you in the deployment and calibration of your internal tools.

Establishment of a complete internal diagnosis

All good change management starts with an audit of the existing situation. Here are the main intervention processes:

Immersion and audit stage

The objective is to draw up an inventory of the existing situation and to compare it to the good practices in the activity sector. At Externis, this observation phase begins with a visit in your company. Then, interviews and meetings are carried out in order to target the problems.

The diagnosis and observation phase

Once we have collected the necessary information, our consultants will carry out a detailed study of the different elements in order to define the needs, set priorities and propose first tracks of solutions. A study of your commercial organization on the missions and objectives of the field teams, as well as on the organization and exchanges of the different teams at headquarters (marketing, category management...) is also carried out.

Change management

We provide you with a precise roadmap in order to launch the transformation project.

The stages of immersion
  • External team workshop x Customer operational team in the offices
  • Meeting with customer sales teams
  • Meeting of the technical teams and CIOs
Audit of the Retail Execution process
  • Analysis of your organization's operations
  • Study of information flows (between headquarters and the sales force; between category management and sales teams; between marketing and sales teams; between forecasting and category management teams, etc.)
  • Measurement of the efficiency of your trade promotion means (POS, animation, merchandising...)
The audit report with our recommendations
  • Highlighting areas for improvement
  • Definition of implementation priorities based on the ratio of time x costs x savings
  • Submission of a summary document

Integration and project monitoring

Phase 2 of the project is underway, it will involve the configuration of the eCOS® Blue Eagle Suite software according to your objectives.

Once the configuration phase is completed, we will deliver a summary document detailing the configuration and deploy a training phase so that the project team in charge of using the Externis project management tools can be fully autonomous.

Then comes the launch phase of the tool, GO LIVE, with the transmission of deliverables allowing an easy handling of the tool:

  • user access
  • user training sheets (eCOS® standard word)

Of course, the Externis technical team remains at the customer's disposal during the entire duration of the license.

Role of the Project Manager

The key user is an important element in the success of a transformation project. This is why we recommend that his role be specified in his job description, so that he can devote the necessary time to the tasks of piloting and administering the solution:

  • Coordinate project implementation and/or services (at the customer's site)
  • Validate the parameters and the data to be integrated
  • Carry out additional settings
  • Guarantee the correct execution of the tests
  • Ensuring functional coverage
  • Ensure the administration of the tool and bring the platform to life
  • Define and build the training module and ensure the use of the tool in the client company
  • Organize training logistics
  • Manage incidents with external support
  • Evolve the solution according to the organization's new needs

Service support & customer assistance

Being a customer of Externis means benefiting from a tailor-made support. We train the project manager (key user) in the process of contacting and getting in touch with the support service.

Application support:

  • Incident qualification assistance
  • Integration & corrections to releases

Accompaniment services available:

  • User support: use of the tool, data manipulation
  • Project support: implementation phases of new modules.

In order to be as reactive as possible, our support is composed of 2 blocks.

24/7 online help

Provides quick and easy access to the information you are looking for. You will find all the information relating to the parameter setting and use of eCOS®, in a multitude of formats: FAQ, user path, diagrams, videos...

Direct assistance

A dedicated hotline that can be activated by sending a ticket to the support service specifying the severity of the problem encountered.
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