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Discover eCOS® Blue Eagle, the software suite dedicated to the retail execution of small and medium-sized companies

Optimize the management of your assortments in an omnichannel way and simplify the daily life of your sales teams by providing them a single tool for all their actions.

A 360° solution

By grouping your entire sales team on a single SaaS tool, you allow information to be updated and shared in real time. You make 100% of the exchanged data reliable and you save time (up to 30%) by drastically reducing the use of e-mails, Excel spreadsheets, etc...

eCOS® Blue Eagle is a scalable solution that will accompany your growth and help you develop your business.


All your teams and service providers in one tool for the first time

With a real convergence
of data

SaaS, Secure, responsive & works offline

Control your investment by choosing the modules you need to grow at your own pace

Category Management

  • Simulation of assortment plans
  • Complete management of the Category process

Point of sales visit management

  • Routing
  • Guided point of sale visits
  • Document management
  • Perfect store score and live reporting

Management of trade marketing execution

  • Ordering and follow-up of POS material
  • Ordering of merchandisers services
  • Rental of furniture...
  • Ordering of in-store animation services
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Externis Group

Externis, the creator of eCOS® Blue Eagle, the first all-in-one SaaS suite designed exclusively for optimizing your retail execution. Trusted by a wide range of industry players, including brands, distributors, wholesalers, and more, across all distribution channels.

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