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For more than 12 years now, Externis has outsourced its customer’s logistics activity to a provider that has become a strategic partner.

A strategic partnership

Externis Logistics Services brings together two proven skill sets: detailed logistics and technology.
This complementarity provides real added value to Externis Logistics Services offer.

eCOS® reinvents logistics

Follow business logistics in real-time

The eCOS® technology platform is connected to the warehouses by EDI.
Thanks to this link, tracking promotional logistics in real-time is possible:

  • checking and tracking the status of orders in progress
  • determining inventory levels
  • receiving immediate alerts if any problem occurs

« Sustainable logistics »: for economic and environmental gains

Our logistics experts make recommendations to help streamline and optimize processes, to the benefit of all our customers' logistics costs (order grouping and scheduling, etc.). In line with the "Grenelle de l'environnement" Round Table discussions, grouped orders generate economies of means by optimizing flows: fewer trucks, meaning lower carbone dioxide emissions levels.

Thanks to the eCOS® platform's various functionalities, Externis Logistics Services can now effectively provide sustainable logistics issues by highlighting the largest cost areas (transportation, facilities, waste, etc.) and pursuing solutions to improve the services rendered to customers by reducing those costs.

Results: economic and environmental gains

  • Another development area is "reasoned logistics", in the interest of which our national logistics warehouse is developing a sorting system for discarded products, which has allowed 83% of waste products to be recycled in 2013.
  • 2014 will see the actions plan implementation to guide our service providers in this type of recycling, at our 200 regional storage warehouses, for the local storage points that are typically near than 15 km from their users' homes.
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