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From the creation of the Externis Group to the launch of the eCOS® BLUE EAGLE concept…

Externis Group was created in 2001 by Thierry Aboukrat, its current CEO, with a challenge: becoming "the Amazon of the sales force".

Then, he detected and targeted the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, where he identified a business process that remained artisanal: the diffusion of POS advertising to sales forces.

Quickly, the eCOS® software was selected by some major FMCG Industrial groups, such as Ferrero, Nestlé, Unilever, Mars etc. which still remain clients of the Externis Group.

Its success is based on the one hand on the maturity of a market where companies no longer fear to adopt outsourced software solutions to manage an entire business chain, but also on finding potential savings and eCOS® allows substantial gains by streamlining stocks and demands for services.

In 2010, after the entry of Julien Chesneau and under the leadership of Thierry Abouktay, Externis Group launched a complete overhaul of its solution to transform it into a real configurable and scalable product: the 100% SaaS software suite, eCOS® EAGLE.

The two partners choose to make significant investments in Research and Innovation. Over the years, the scope of eCOS® features continues to grow, now integrating the entire management of the Retail Execution process: materials, services, crowdsourcing, merchandising, sales demonstrators, furniture rental, management of assortment, etc.). eCOS® evolves thanks to the collaboration of its user community and a team dedicated to the user experience: eCOS® UX.

Thierry Aboukrat - President Founder Externis Group

Thierry Aboukrat

President Founder

Chairs the Externis group.

Julien Chesneau - Managing Director Externis Group

Julien Chesneau

Managing Director Externis Group

Ensures the commercial management of the company Externis.

Emmanuelle Marquez - Marketing Director

Emmanuelle Marquez

Marketing Director

Responsible for the marketing and communication department of Externis.

Eric Devos - Chief Operating Officer

Eric Devos

Chief Operating Officer

Ensures the direction of the operations of the company Externis.

Externis Group is launching an innovative and unprecedented version on the retail market: eCOS® Blue Eagle

This new version is the first collaborative software suite that is also comprehensive and entirely dedicated to retail manufacturers. It enables a 360° vision and management of the retail execution process and a total synergy between the head office & field teams and their service providers.

eCOS® is still evolving… it goes further… and becomes eCOS® Blue Eagle

Externis Group's positionning

Externis Group, leader of Retail Execution

Externis Group, expert in its market!
Externis Group is a SaaS solution publisher. The path, the opportunities it has been able to detect, anticipate and even create, have enabled it to develop a new software suite that meets all the needs related to the retail execution process at the point of sale.

Over time, Externis Group has been able to capitalize on its unique knowledge of this business process to develop strong skills (sales, consulting, development, etc.), which have enabled it to create a unique offer and a rapid return on investment.

The Retail market is dominated by major publishers in the ERP world.… some publishers are starting to offer parts of the Retail Execution process, but none of them offer to manage 100% of the process. With BLUE EAGLE, the only existing integrated SaaS solution, Externis Group is indeed the leader in Retail Execution.

With eCOS®, commercial execution begins at the Head Office!
From the beginning, Externis Group has designed its software solution to cover the business process of promoting brands from field teams to the Head Office.

Today, the Externis Group offers an all-in-one single tool for preparing, executing, tracking and steering, in real-time, the execution of a trade marketing campaign at the point of sales through the Materials and Services modules and the integration of new modules such as the SFA (Sales Force Automation) or crowdsourcing… while starting at the Head Office with Assort for the assortment management.

eCOS® becomes the real cornerstone of the Retail Execution process management.

Externis Group

Externis, editor of eCOS® Blue Eagle, the first all-in-one SaaS suite dedicated to your retail execution used by players in the retail market (brands, distributors, wholesalers, etc.), all distribution channels combined

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