Category Managers

How do you simplify your listing process, manage and analyse your assortments and make them more reliable?

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Your objectives

Coordinating assortment planning more efficiently: managing the current period while preparing the next one
Make communication exchange more reliable and enforce assortment planning rules: your recommendations, your priority list, etc.
Provide information on ranking trends, negotiations, and warehouse and in-store availability, etc.
Automate the key indicator tracking process: Business Plan management, 20/80 rule compliance, new products, etc.
Detailed reports of every stage of the business process: mktg, cat. man, KAM, supply chain, sales force
Reduce your time-to-market
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eCOS® Assort, a software program to help you manage your assortments and optimize your product referencing management process.

  • Faster in-store activation for product ranges
  • Reliable and automatic information sharing across all departments involved
  • Track assortment management objectives, in real-time
  • Time logging: agreements, sales plans, gap analysis, objective achievement, etc.
  • Automatic report generation, including: theoretical ND/WD vs. actual
  • Automatically feeds the sales force’s survey tool

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eCOS® Assort lets you prioritize, recommend, follow negotiations and activate product distribution, and measure the speed and efficiency of point-of-sale and warehouse product deployment, in real-time.

eCOS® interfaces with IS and retrieves panel data

ecos interfaces with IS and retrieves panel data