Externis Logistics Services

Externis Proxy

Enterprise supply chain

The Externis Logistics Services enterprise supply chain offers a real-time dedicated customers support for logistics management.


The eCOS® platform is connected to the warehouse via EDI. At any time, all administrators can follow the status of orders in progress, identify stock levels and be alerted if a problem occurs.

Externis Logistics Services is located in the southern suburb of Paris. Its warehouse relies on adapted and customized operating tool:

  • an information system adapted to all business features -  WMS(Warehouse Management System)
  • a modern infrastructure.

Services adapted to Trade Promotion Activites:

Management of advertising and promotional materials

  • All types of POS advertising: displays, archways, totems, hanging banners, etc,
  • Outsize POS advertising,
  • Brochures, documents, leaflets, etc,
  • Stickers,
  • Winners per store,
  • Advertising objects,

Creation of special kits for specific (large-scale) promotions or campaigns

Product sampling campaigns

Organization of merchandise and specific transportation, with real-time tracking


  • Ability to react and adaptability according to volumes and deadlines (flexible scheduling)
  • Total reliability goods receiving process: precise and meticulous inventory management
  • Customized inventory monitoring

A hight-performance system, for proactive management:

Externis Logistics Services uses a WMS (Warehouse Management System) to manage the information flows witch:

  • covers 100% of customers' needs
  • can handle multiple customers and warehouses
  • is connected to the various transport carriers by EDI, for real-time tracking
  • follow-up and management inventories  in real-time
  • provides solutions appropriate to the types of  business